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  • What is ICICI Bank Connector Referral Programme ICICI Bank Connector Referral Programme is a platform for bringing convenience to connectors in the home loan business. This programme also offers opportunity to connectors to participate in contests and rewards & recognition programmes launched by the bank.
  • How do connectors work with ICICI Bank Connectors refer home loan leads to the bank and work with the bank on a fee arrangement. The Connector provides to the bank basic details of the customer like customer name, contact number, address and loan amount that customer is seeking for.
  • Who can become Connector with ICICI Bank Any individual, partnership, private limited or public limited companies, proprietary, co-operative banks or any other entity expressing interest in referring potential home loan customers can be appointed as a connector.
  • What are the benefits of the online platform for connectors Currently, connectors refer leads to the Bank by passing on leads either to counselors or to Branch Sales Managers. While this offline mechanism of referring leads is an established one in the home loan industry, tracking of lead status and payouts through this model is complex.

    ICICI Bank has developed on online platform to bring convenience to lead referral, checking of lead status and tracking of pending and completed payouts. Connectors will also be able to do their self enrollment through this platform.

    Benefits of the online platform
    • Online request for enrollment. Post the online request, an agreement would need to be signed between the applicant and ICICI Bank
    • Online referral of leads
    • Online tracking of leads till disbursal
    • Summary of payouts -pending and completed
    • Call center support for queries
    • Availability of updated information on pricing and product features.
  • Where can connectors get more information about this programme? For more details about the programme and for any queries related to lead status and payout, connectors can call us on 080-40803975.